Sunday, 13 January 2008

Saturday, 19 May 2007

Photoshop mash up thing for my desktop. Properly chuffed with it.
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Saturday, 7 April 2007

An accurate representation of Ricky Gervais' right hand monkey Karl Pilkington.

Little People

Here's some more little fellas that I draw a lot. I like the jester, but not the others in theis drawings, the cat is nicked from a webcomic that I've forgotten the name of at the moment.. I do really like this jester though, has there been a happy jester in any books or anything ever? it seems to be the precursor of the clown, depressing population that doesnt make anyone laugh anyway, shame.. I'll try and draw some better pictures of him actually.
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Saturday, 31 March 2007


The worst hand drawn in history? Most probably. another one that I was inexplicably proud of at the time, then realised it was a bit rubbish. I'll try again I think.
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Saturday, 24 March 2007


Some more random little drawings from my sketchpad, I like the guy in prison and the crows, not sure about the rest, they might have just been filling up the page
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Baby In Disguise

Ok, first is a baby in disguise (words: 'Hello, my name is Eduardo Sanchez and i would like a one way ticket to Paraguay, post haste') dont ask me why, it made me laugh. the other picture is the cover of my so called 'portfolio' featuring an interesting (or: crap) take on the Joker from Batman, the other guy is a character from my long dead idea of a crazed fireman /psychiatrist /murderer. Byebye internet.
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Thursday, 22 March 2007

This was the character sheet for the comic below, the plan was for it to feature me and my friends (the name was going to be Another Castle, which is a mario bros. reference) So these are profiles of myself and my friends Stef, Tom, Nicki, Paul and Pete. Each with humourous catchphrases.
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Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Yet More Abandoned Concepts!

Last year me and some friends had some ideas to start a gaming comic (not that anybody else has ever tried that) and this is one of the strips i came up with. Somebody was playing Nintendogs a lot at that point. I do genuinely like this one, I also did one based on Animal Crossing and a few others but they were fairly awful so the plan gradually fell apart. I hope no-one else wrote a comic just like this, I'm getting the feeling I've seen something similar before..If I have, they nicked it from me. The general idea is that dogs are the only animals responsive and subservient enough to respond to the commands that players are supposed to scare other people on the bus with by shouting into the Nintendo DS mic, in case the image is too small the words are:
Panel 1: Nintencats, shouted commands- 'Fetch!', 'Roll over!', Shake hands!'
Panel 2: Nintensloth, shouted commands- 'MOVE!'
Panel 3: Nintenameoba, shouted commands- 'Reproduce asexually!'
I suppose Nintenameoba is basically getting made now, isn't this the premise of the first stages of that game Spore?
Now Playing: Magnetic Fields- 69 Love Songs. I bought this the other day and assumed the title was jokey, but no, it really is 69 separate love songs, and its brilliant. It's all very poppy and fun, they aren't all traditional love songs, it's really varied and quite probably genius. Haven't managed to make it all the way through in one sitting yet though, I'll give it a go next time I start reading a very long book.
Favourite tracks: 'How Fucking Romantic', 'A Chicken With It's Head Cut Off'

Some comic booky drawings of a character i thought about for a while, I don't like the top image because the perspective is virtually non-existant, but I'm fond of the arm on the left, I think it was supposed to be blood dripping from his hand, I think that hand turned out well, I like the guy who's been shot too.
The premise of the abandoned comic was something along the lines of a traumatised psychiatrist with multiple schizophrenia. Or something.


Here we go, got some scannings done by a lovely friend, I'm not completely sure what this guy is about, he's possibly a vampire with flat teeth. A christian vampire. I'm gonna upload some more things now I think, they're pretty varied because I have a short attention span
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Top of this guys head has been cropped off because it was on a rather large pad, but I think it's still clear that he is some kind of Turkish moustache salesman. He is missing 2 fingers, maybe moustache sales are a dangerous business, heavy competition from goatee and sideburn merchants.

Zombie with watercolours. A perfect combination.

Tuesday, 20 March 2007


I really should get hold of a scanner. These are some scraps of things on me desk that i want to scan. Once i finally get a hang of colouring on the computer I have a load of stuff to do.
Just got back from seeing Hot Fuzz for a second time, didn't seem quite as funny this time but it's still a quality flick, anything with Simon Pegg is pretty much universally great (except Hippies if anyone saw that, which I don't think they did) ok, can't think of anything to say in an interesting manner, I'm crackered. Night night.
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Summery music and grainy photos

Another tip-top quality webcam picture, the only way I seem to be able to draw hands today are like miniature wings, but seeing as this alien guy is falling through the air, it may help him out.

It's a nice day today so I have been compiling a summery playlist on napster (even though it snowed earlier, I'm imagining that it's summer) and have concluded that the best tune to imagine it's summer to is Jurassic 5s 'Concrete Schoolyard' which reminds me of driving around in July in my last year of school with my (failed) band to pick up a drum kit that I couldn't really afford. Should probably have listened to my dad when he said I'd get bored of it pretty quickly. Oh well. Other luvverly summery songs- Beach Boys, 'Feel Flows', which was on the Almost Famous soundtrack I think, Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins cover of the Traveling Wilburys 'Handle With Care', which features some cool cameos from other acts on the Saddle Creek label, I think I recognised Conor Oberst and the guy from Cursive singing the chorus. Also the first single from the most recent Flaming Lips album, 'Yeah Yeah Yeah Song', which should be listened to very loudly in headphones to hear the bouncy catchiness, and the entire of the Violent Femmes eponymous debut album- 'Blister in the Sun' and 'Good Feeling' especially. I haven't actually heard any of their later albums, I get the impression that they had a bad case of quality debut album syndrome that made all the rest seem a bit washed out in comparison, like the Electric Soft Parade (anyone else remember them?), but unlike the Stereophonics, whose later albums were just half-arsed and dreary compared to Word Gets Around, one of those completely radio friendly hook filled britpop records (like supergrass' first) that actually still holds up. I reckon. Music music music music. Bye bye internet.
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Monday, 19 March 2007

Google Ads

Oooh, my Google targeted advertisement thingy just turned itself on for the first time. apparently so far my blog is targeted at bloggers. Well, thats hardly a stretch is it? I have used the word blog an awful lot in this..journal so far.
Edit: I've messed something up, I keep typing in Hindi when i try to edit my entries..
Edit: Apparently if you have an Adsense account you aren't allowed to ask anyone to click on your ad or mention how much money you earn from them per click, So I have edited this post because these ads are nice and unobtrusive and i would also like to "earn" some money. I'm sorry Google, I love you.
Edit: Google is a funny word
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A first try at cellshading. This is a picture of me from the only day of the year it snowed (boo), created a new layer on Paint Shop and drew over the important lines to make a more detailed Julian Opie-esque drawing. I like it, but as ever cannot do skin tones, so I'll leave it ghost-like for now. Anoraks rock.
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Poorly Photographed Image!

I don't currently own a scanner, but i will be borrowing the use of a generous friend to scan in some of my sketches next week, things I'm proud of rather than simply experiments on Paint Shop (My trial of which expires in 2 days grrr) I drew something a couple weeks ago that I like so I have taken a picture on my cheap webcam, which I will replace with a scan next week probably. Enjoy this like you would a beautiful song recorded on a cheap 15 year old cassette tape.
Now Playing: The Steve Show on BBC6 music (very good, varied selection of music from Ricky Gervais' sidekick- and as Darren Lamb the funniest sitcom character of the last few years) I listen every week partly to see if he'll ever play the same request I've made since it started- Neutral Milk Hotel, Two Headed Boy, Check it out.
Edit: I was really pleased with this when i finished it, but It's started to look worse every time I see it..his arms look really fucking weird. Balls. I had been up all night smoking and drinking coffee and being anxious about my exam results though, thats my excuse. At least I did well in them or I'd probably have screwed the drawing up. Oh well, I'll try and rectify it on Paint Shop I suppose. Then give up when i find that its really fiddly.


So I've been looking around on Blogger dot com and wondering how all the thousands of different weblogs get all these different readers commenting and checking them every day. Who reads blogs? I know i don't, unless I've heard of the person before (I tend to frequent and Which I suppose I should rectify, if there are this many blogs on the net then some of the unheard of ones must be genuinely good. Either that or 99% of the blogs and journals on the internet are written by emotional whingers/sexist greasy teenagers/racist greasy teenagers/homophobic greasy teenagers (I only turned 20 six moths ago but already feel justified in acting grumpily towards teenagers, i feel so old) .. etc etc. The content of most of the blogs I randomly accessed today appeared to have been written by these types, but I know I'm being close-minded, I will do some hunting and find some interesting web logs by normal people and be enlightened (also if I do this I will get the feeling that someone else may be doing this and come upon my own blog, which would make me happy).

Wow, i searched 'blogs' in the search engine and found a blog with the most webcestual (should be a real word) introduction ever: "Welcome to the Blogware blog, a blog that covers the Blogware weblog platform। You'll find all kinds of information here, from customizing your Blogware blog to weblogging in general!" Christ, try saying that quickly. I am going to try and stop using the word blog for a while now, my Blogger weblog is saturated with blogs. Goodbye, the internet.
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An angel and a monochrome valley

Okeydoke, second and third attempts with Paint Shop। i like the little angel fella, but thats more due to the nice blurring features than my hackneyed scribbly drawing, it is immensely hard to draw with a mouse. mope. The valley i quite like though, it was an A4 biro sketch i did in a lecture where the lecturer forgot to turn up. I did try to colour the whole thing in Paint Shop but found it difficult without obscuring the detail, and i didn't want to erase much because i like slightly messy, scratchy drawing. I have only just started using the program though, it may turn out that i find exactly the right tools on it to colour hand drawn things well, or it might turn out that I find another program. Or give up on colour altogether. Nobody knows..
Click on the landscape pic for a full size version, click on the angel for a smaller version apparently..

Ickle Daemon

Ok, first attempt with Paint Shop Pro, which I have about a week left of on free trial (If anybody wants to donate a grand so I can buy the full copy, that'd be just great). Obviously, i need a graphics tablet. These little demons tend to appear scribbled on lecture notes and all over my bedroom, ill try and find some that i can scan in, because they certainly don't have any character drawn with a mouse. Shame.
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Hello the internet. I have been looking for somewhere i can upload my slightly half-arsed cartoonings to without the inconvenience of having to pay for anything or having anyone see them, i can't imagine anybody actively seeking out silly drawings when there are a hundred other sites that are full of exciting and interesting artwork, but maybe somebody will stumble across this and approve (adding my site to Stumbleupon may help come to think of it), lets see. I do have another website, but decided to start again with this one to tidy everything up a bit and just post the things I like rather than every dodgy thing I've drawn (that is to say not 'X-rated dodgy' but rubbishy dodgy) Goodbye the internet.
Edit: I am aware of the pretentiousness of the blog name, thankyou mr commenter whose comment i have deleted :)